What do you think? Healthcare and endangered minnows?


Art and I were discussing the proposed universal healthcare. We believe there might be some truth to both sides. Any insightful, factual, opinions to shares?

The story that took the cake for us tonight was Actor Paul Rodriguez on Hannity telling the story for over 80000 people who are farmers in Central CA. There was apparantley  a minnow that became endangered. So in order to save them, they cut off the water for everyone. OFF. Fields dying. What???

How could it be that this is happening? Those people need work, we need the food they grow also, and imagine the soaring cost of food. Does saving minnows help the people who need to support themselves? Is there an alternative? Unfortunately with the speed of bureaucracy the trees and fertile fields just might not live to see the end of the story.


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Committed to a life of purpose. Learning to live abundantly. Embracing creativity. Questioning. Delighting in the comforts of home and family. Determining not to settle only for how things are, but how they could be. Writing is part of who I am, so I trust In God who gave the gift to show me how I can serve Him through it. That is my life…one word at a time. Psalm 89:11a“Teach me your way , O Lord, and I will walk in your truth”

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  1. Here we see a failure in the judicial branch of the government. I am very disenchanted with “government” doing things for us “in our best interest”. Here you have a judge ruling in favor of minnows yet on a larger scale we hear from the executive branch that “we” should not “meddle” with the democracy seeking Iranians as they challenge the oppressive ruling clerics.

    What in the world is going on?

    Want a good read? Take a look at II Samuel 15. Read about Absalom. (King David’s son) Sound familiar?

    Can we / are we being suckered in? Are we in a place where we put minnows ahead of mankind’s survival?
    Is our focus being diverted from the larger issues? Can we not see the forest for the trees?

    (Hallie says these are good points but are disconnected)

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