Apparantly the force was with me!


Something about my blood is very attractive to mosquitoes. I mean very. In a group of people I can go home covered with bites while others have none. Imagine my delight the other day when I saw one on the wall. Now picture this with me if you will…
My daughters were have a duel with their Star Wars light sabers. I called for them to quickly hand one to me. (imagine the theme song here if you don’t mind, oh… and please visualize it in slow motion, makes a better story)
I saw my adversary sitting on my wall, quickly I extended my arm and full force demolished his stinging little self in one fell swoop. Yes, if you know me I DID do a happy dance. Telling my friend Danielle, she commented that the force was with me. One point for humans, 580,343,342,200 for mosquitoes. Have to start somewhere, right?


About christasterken

Committed to a life of purpose. Learning to live abundantly. Embracing creativity. Questioning. Delighting in the comforts of home and family. Determining not to settle only for how things are, but how they could be. Writing is part of who I am, so I trust In God who gave the gift to show me how I can serve Him through it. That is my life…one word at a time. Psalm 89:11a“Teach me your way , O Lord, and I will walk in your truth”

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  1. Ha ha ha :)! That was so hilarious! And yes, I imagined it – and it was a very funny scene! 😀 😛 🙂
    LOL seriously!

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