Is it wrong to write?


Yesterday I heard an inspiring story, and on the long drive home I had plenty of time to mull it over. I was suddenly hit with an intense feeling that I needed to write a letter to someone making some painful choices. Red flags started waving desperately as I tried to dismiss the idea. Problem was, I was sure it was from God. That would be the only reason to write such a note as this was. You see, I have no idea how the recipient will respond. It is risky on several levels. Certainly it would be much more comfortable to not send it. I carefully reread it, checking to make sure there was a hefty dose of encouragement to balance out the difficult words.

I almost backed out. Who am I to lay out the truth to someone? I am someone who has broken many rules and hearts myself. That experience could lend a hand to someone else who might be drowning. Is it better to live in the safety of minding our business? It might depend on how we view our business in relation to God’s business. I want to be in His business, even if it causes me discomfort.

The price of cowardice might be heftier than the possible outcomes. When we know God is calling us to do something, we need to carefully pray and then step forth. Today our pastor spoke to this, reminding us that when we are called to act, listen! God already has people lined up to help us.

So, was it wrong to write? I suppose only time will tell. Perhaps the postman driving away will cause my stomach to wring in anxiety. My comfort will lie in the fact that the words on the page were prayed over, so was the recipient. May I never act in haste, the fear being that I am well aware of the power of words to hurt or heal. Likely the outcome of this note will remain unknown to me, but not to Him who loves that person. A seed of truth might bloom into a tree of integrity.  Praying this will be so…


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Committed to a life of purpose. Learning to live abundantly. Embracing creativity. Questioning. Delighting in the comforts of home and family. Determining not to settle only for how things are, but how they could be. Writing is part of who I am, so I trust In God who gave the gift to show me how I can serve Him through it. That is my life…one word at a time. Psalm 89:11a“Teach me your way , O Lord, and I will walk in your truth”

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  1. Oh my goodness, Christa…I just went through the same thing last week … and it took so much out of me that I am still recuperating this week…I knew that God wanted me to witness to my father-in-law ONE MORE TIME…he has never taken kindly to it in the past…but he has been hospitalized for the last two weeks and just came home last Wednesday…he will be 90 years old next week. He was a prisoner of war in WWII and feels that God not only let him down by allowing such atrocities, but, also, that he has already seen hell! He has always met talk of God and Jesus with disbelief and anger and resentment and I certainly didn’t want to go there…especially at the risk of alienating him here at the end of his life, possibly 😦 But you know when God wants you to move…because you will have no peace until you do…you have that sadness, that nausea, that fear….so I headed over to his house, bawling and calling friends for prayer all the way over to his house. I found him asleep..but God said, “Stay”…then he had to spend time in the bathroom and God said, “Stay”…then he had visitors, medicine to take, and he had to get his breath back before I could finally set a buffet in front of him…take his hands in mine, tell him how much I loved him and how much God (THE FATHER) loved him and how much God wanted me to talk to him and say that He was sorry for the grief he had to suffer in Singapore during the war BUT to also realize all the blessings he has acquired since then…and I explained the book of JOB…the reason for the Old Testament…the prophecies pointing to Jesus and how he fulfilled every one of them in the New Testament … so that we could know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus was the Son of God…and that God, the Father has been pleased with his faithfulness through out the years….BUT now, it was time to meet and accept God, the Son…and God, the Holy Spirit…I was able to go on …and be brief and to the point…which is proof it was God speaking and NOT ME …:) And then, I just ended with …. “Now, this is what God sent me here to tell you … do with it what you will…I have to go to Jobe’s ballgame …I love you…”…And he was very touched and said, “Thank you, Pet” AND…that was the first time EVER that my mother-in-law never interrupted me or my aunt and uncle with, “What did she say?”…She is deaf and uses a hearing aid…she was smiling and shedding tears – sitting right next to him – what a miracle that would be if she, also, was allowed to hear it all! I have been criticized by some because I didn’t go further and ask him to make a decision …. to pray with him….etc… BUT God did not ask me to go there…He asked me to just plant the seed and He would take it from there….hoping that is what He wanted you to do with your letter…hopefully, He had already prepared someone to hear what you had to say…and they need time to mull it over and let God take it from there…. we just have to find solace in the fact that we were being obedient and we did what God wanted us to do and not try to finish what God started. I will be praying for you that some day you will KNOW that what you did brought about the ending you wanted…but then again, that may not be the ending God wanted…He always has His own agenda that we aren’t aware of 🙂 I have the satisfaction in knowing that my father-in-law may never accept Christ, maybe, until his last dying breath….but he does have the information that God will be impressing on his heart, and I am relieved by that 🙂 I was touched by your letter and I can sympathize with your feelings…and celebrate with you that we took risks to be obedient to God…and we can find peace within ourselves.

  2. You can’t control how someone will respond to what you write, but you have to write if you know it comes from God. Who knows? Feel at peace, even if it means the person rejects what you wrote or even rejects YOU.

    I had that experience lately, too. And the person cut me off from his life. It is heartbreaking. It hurts, and God understands this. He is rejected a lot.

    Anyway, I wish I could say to protect your heart, but then the only One who can do that is Jesus. Hugs to you!

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