Monday roll call…


Who’s here? We are! Home at last. It has been three amazing weeks and tonight we walked through our own front door. What a day, pretty impressive if you consider the details.

An average day of travel for the pioneers by wagon was about 15 miles a day. On a good day. This morning we arrived at the airport around 9:30 am, arriving home around 8:30 pm. The distance covered was over 2,080 miles. Thank you to the airlines, for all the criticism they have been receiving, Southwest rocks! Thank you to the pilots, ground crew, tower control. Janitors, food preppers, electricians to make things come together. So many people working together to allow us to travel safely, fairly comfortably, and committed to being on time. Is they industry perfect? Of course not, most people have their own horror stories. Today though, I salute them and thank them for their service.

Oh yes, did I mention the being  HOME part?  Walking in was the best feeling. Imagine leaving sunny warm weather this morning, palm trees and pepper trees blowing gently in the breeze. Getting out of the airport here, and preparing for a big snow storm tonight. All in one day. Amazing.


About christasterken

Committed to a life of purpose. Learning to live abundantly. Embracing creativity. Questioning. Delighting in the comforts of home and family. Determining not to settle only for how things are, but how they could be. Writing is part of who I am, so I trust In God who gave the gift to show me how I can serve Him through it. That is my life…one word at a time. Psalm 89:11a“Teach me your way , O Lord, and I will walk in your truth”

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