How-To Mania


The covers border every check out line in America, next to the gum and candy, just to the left of the incidentals we didn’t know we needed until seeing   overpriced little packages of wipes or matches. Suddenly, we chide ourselves for being so careless to be so unprepared! 

The covers of many magazines are counting on this feeling too. Take a look at the abundance of advice competing for our attention. We love “How-tos, 100 ways, Cut your effort in half…” type pieces. These offer information that is  useful and timely. I myself have bought scads of magazines based on a promise blazing across a cover. The question does bear asking, why are we drawn to things we didn’t know “we didn’t know”?  Is it a genuine hope that this is IT, the answer to problems that are plaguing our life? A spark of a new potential hobby? A desire to increase the productivity in our day? 

Do these articles hold interest to you? What  captures your eye…and…do you apply what you read?


About christasterken

Committed to a life of purpose. Learning to live abundantly. Embracing creativity. Questioning. Delighting in the comforts of home and family. Determining not to settle only for how things are, but how they could be. Writing is part of who I am, so I trust In God who gave the gift to show me how I can serve Him through it. That is my life…one word at a time. Psalm 89:11a“Teach me your way , O Lord, and I will walk in your truth”

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  1. When I was younger, yes. I stopped. I stared. I flipped. I bought. And I worried. I guess because I was afraid I wasn’t “doing it right.” As I got older it dawned on me that these magazines are saying the same thing a thousand times in a thousand different ways. Be prepared. Be aware. Be kind to yourself. Everything in moderation. Take deep breaths. Ask for help. I don’t buy the magazine anymore.

  2. For the most part, I too have stopped buying the magazines as there is truly nothing new under the sun. However, I still succumb at times to the lure of ‘quick and healthy recipes’. I dog-ear the pages with marvelous intentions of preparing new and daring culinary delights for my family, but…..they usually get buried under mounds of schoolwork and other pieces of my life, never to come to glorious fruition. Sigh.

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