How To Set Up A WordPress Blog


A friend asked how to go about setting up a blog. I searched and found someone who has an excellent blog on WordPress,  this is a copy of their post.

Check out this blog at

How to Set Up a Free WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes

By vipulkadi

I’ve had a ton of people ask me lately how to get started marketing online, and more importantly how to get up their first website and start making money in the fastest time possible.

Most of you guys know, I am not a big techie person. And I always tell people that the best way to get started marketing online is by setting up a free WordPress blog. You can set up and update your blog with a few easy clicks!

Even if you don’t know anything about HTML or setting up a web page (I still don’t know HTML!), let me show you a real easy way to get a web page set up in minutes-literally!

Here’s what I did–first, I set up a blog. It was really easy setting up the WordPress blog.

I just went into my cpanel within my Host Gator web hosting account, and I clicked the Fantastico button, and my WordPress blog was set up automatically.

Boom-instant website! How’s that for easy?

Now the thing about WP blogs is that WordPress sets up the shell, but then you can customize it and make it look however you want.

You do this by installing themes and plug-ins. There are millions of free themes to choose from, and more plug-ins than you can ever hope to use. I’ll list the plug-ins that I am using so that you don’t have to go searching endlessly for the right ones.

I found a free theme for my WordPress blog within WordPress; I downloaded it, and then uploaded it with my FTP software. I then went to get some plug-ins for my WordPress blog (and you can search for these various plug-ins from within WordPress).

The plug-ins that I decided to use and that I recommend, are the following:

  • All in One SEO Pack
  • Add to Any: Share/Save/Bookmark Button
  • Viper’s Video Quicktags
  • Stats
  • WP-EMail
  • WP-EMail Widget
  • AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Ultimate Google Analytics
  • WordPress Video Plugin
  • WP-SpamFree
  • WP tags to Technorati

 There are a lot of these plug-in, and millions of free themes to choose from with WP. You can tweak your blog, and add widgets, and start adding content that is important to you-that is the best things about blogs! Blogs are so unique and personal-you can really make them reflect your personality and your business any way that you want.


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