Juggle, Laugh and Splat?


What richness there is in family life. Today as I am struggling through a writing project, my girls are laughing obnoxiously outside my door. They have the music blasting, shouting, only upstaged by the loud splats. (Yes, that concerned me too) They have been working on learning to juggle. One works with balls, one with Target bags (a great starter for newbies) and then together for a routine.  Then they moved on to the lumps of salt dough intended for a project to recreate Herod’s Temple.  Interesting exchange of ideas.

They are normally supportive of my work, and willingly give the quiet time I need to focus. Today? These big girls are living with exuberant joy.

Such a privilege it is to be blessed with such distraction. The work can wait a little longer. Though tempted to exit the office, I will stay awhile longer, unwilling to interrupt the joyful noise. In the big picture, it is the actions of life that inspire writing. The seemingly ordinary moments that translate into memories. Memories into words.  I guess distraction is in the eye of the beholder, and I am thankful for the clear vision on this precious day.


About christasterken

Committed to a life of purpose. Learning to live abundantly. Embracing creativity. Questioning. Delighting in the comforts of home and family. Determining not to settle only for how things are, but how they could be. Writing is part of who I am, so I trust In God who gave the gift to show me how I can serve Him through it. That is my life…one word at a time. Psalm 89:11a“Teach me your way , O Lord, and I will walk in your truth”

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