When The Heart Rain Comes- Psalm 41:4


Psalm 41:4

I said, “God, be gracious!

Put me back together again—my sins have torn me to pieces.”

You know those days when your smiles are hollow? When emotional rain feels heavy, it does not refresh. My actions this week have been inconsistent with my words. I demand respect, but don’t give it. I angle for the best for myself, while teaching generosity. My moods are edgy and easy to inflame, as I teach my teens to be peaceful.   Of course my actions teach far more than my words do. And, those close to me see it too well.

The good news is that God IS gracious. I reached out and asked for prayer today. Tonight I will carve a private place alone with God. No distractions. Because, for me? Those distractions lead to sin. Want to know what is funny about this? I used to be one of those who claimed I didn’t need a “savior”, I was a good person. Not a sinner. Once your eyes are opened, they stay that way. And for this, I am thankful. For on this training ground, my spirit has groaned, laughed, learned.

God hears me. He hears you. He is in the business of putting people back  together, molding them into something purer…more beautiful. I gladly embrace the cracks that he will bind so that a light that shines beautiful mosaic patterns into the darkness. Into that light I trust He will bring those whose cracks are similar, but wider perhaps. That His light in me may shine brighter to them. That is my hope. My trust. My assurance.


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  1. Sorry to say I just saw this post. Your honesty and transparency always humbles me. Thank you for, once again, being the quiet reminder that so many of us need for our own introspection. Love you my friend!

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