Easy Mini Scrapbook Tutorial


Not everyone is into scrapbooking ( weird, I know ), but there are occasions that just demand to be remembered. This is the project for you! When there are plenty of pictures and memorabilia, this is a simple way to create a mini book without any special supplies.

Here is what you’ll need:


*Hole Punch

*Jump rings (less than two dollars a pack at Wal-Mart or any craft store, might be called O-rings, or Book rings)

*Glue Stick

*Stuff. I love the flexibility of stuff, don’t you?

Let’s go. I have found the imperfection is the key to a fantastic book. Don’t worry about measuring, it will add to the charm to have alternating heights and widths. There are only two directions needed. This makes a great project for all ages because you simply can’t go wrong. If something doesn’t seem right I just add another little “touch” on top.

Step 1: Glue pictures back to back, thereby creating a thick “page”

Step 2: Punch holes in the pile and loop the metal rings through to create the binding.

For my book, a friend and I spent the day in Los Angeles. We did so many things, I couldn’t possibly scrap them into a single page. I didn’t want to leave anything out, so the postcards I collected became simple dividers. I journaled on the back of them a few highlights of the stops. I cut up a few maps, to add visual interest. Tickets were glued here and there. A Sharpie captured notes, written right on the photos for a casual look. I used vertical and horizontal pictures to make it chunkier and to reflect the varying heights of architecture we enjoyed. I might come back and add some ribbon pieces to the rings, or other memorabilia as I come across it.

Think of this project in terms of gifts for the holidays, summer vacations, or perhaps a tidy way to corral an abundance of pictures for hobby photography. Be bold in adding things of odd sizes. In this case, we went to a Dodger game. If I can locate a miniature ball cap or bat I would incorporate that into the binding.  Another perk is the easy storage. Do you have any shelves with hooks? They hang easily from the metal rings. This can be a fun conversation starter when hung in unexpected places.

Here you see that just a few more holes punched with a small piece of ribbon can fancy up your book even more…

Next time you need an idea for a Mom’s group, a photo club, or any group of friends remember my back to back photo book. Hope you enjoy this easy project, I’d love to see what you come up with!


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