31 Days of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Shop Your House


Shopping our own homes allows us to not spend a cent. My challenge to you is to take 10 minutes, walk around your house and look closely, with an open mind, for anything that could be used as a display.  Here is an example:

I am a writer, old typewriters hold a special place in my heart. This one I picked up for $1 at a garage sale a few years ago and it became a dust collector locked into its case for a long time. Pulling it out, I decided it was display worthy, and representative of someone who lives in this home. That is a key point in decorating with (re) purpose…items are chosen carefully.

Do they reflect the people who live here? Do they tell a story? Are they fun conversation starters? Do they remind us of a loved one? Do they carry memories of a special outing?  That is the heart of decorating with purpose. Items are not purchased at fine furniture stores, in fact they often have no fiscal value, but are rich with sentiment.

I have a passion for preserving things that take me on a sensory journey. This typewriter does that for me. In the spirit of Fall decor, I used a piece of Kraft stock, and found a poem about Autumn and stuck it in. When Christmas comes, I might type a letter. This will work year round. As a side note, the vase in the photo gets new silk flowers for each season. The glass fish bowl holds some raffia pumpkins that have been at the bottom of my decor bucket for years. They have new homes for every season or mood.  Don’t be afraid to try new things. It will surprise you how things, in a new context, can look fantastic.

What did you find in your house? I’d love to hear your ideas…

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