31 Days of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Cake Stands


I can’t take credit for this idea, saw it many places online this summer, probably Pintrest as well. This was a super easy, fun, and free project. We had the supplies, but realistically they could be purchased for under $3. Again, compare that to the cost of buying a cake stand and you are saving mucho moula.

I took two old candlesticks, that were an ugly brown and gold color. I sprayed them with some leftover paint in the garage, figuring if they turned out terrible another coat of white would fix it. You can use any small plate for the platform, simply hot glue the plate to the base.

I chose to glue the plate first, so the bottom would match the candlestick. If you do this, make sure to tape off the plate so paint won’t come in contact with potential food surfaces. While not in use, I just stacked some bowls on them, storing on top of the fridge. This size would be great for candies or cupcakes too.

Check out the array of topics linked up to The Nester this month. Over 1,000 people sharing for all of October. You can find the link here


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