31 Days Of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Using Old Books

31 Days Of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Using Old Books

Old books are possibly the best deal in decorating. While libraries are ridding their shelves of wonderful stories, we can, and I think should, be preserving them in some form. As a writer, I appreciate books not just for reading, but for an atmosphere of “words” and “imagination” in our household.

Let’s look above the bookshelves today, and see how we used old books in an artistic way.

This idea came from Home Cheap Home: A Room-By-Room Guide To Great Decorating put out by Budget Living. If you are going to attempt this, do yourself a favor and set up a relaxing environment. Music, a snack. Maybe a pillow. It takes a bit of time and patience. This project, I  started with enthusiasm but ended up begging my family to finish. It IS a fantastic project and worth the effort, the whole display costed maybe 50 cents. Our library hosts used book sales and occasionally they offer to let patrons fill up a shopping bag for $1. If you find such sales, stock up on sturdy hardcovers. Let’s look at some close-ups of the folded end products, a book origami, if you will.

If you enjoy working with vintage books, check out a post I did about creating gifts for the holidays by carving out space… one of my favorite projects.

As always, I encourage you to check out the vast array of subjects offered to you in this 31 series by over 1,000 bloggers. Here is the link, see you there.


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  1. Hey CS!! HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU??? LOVE, LOVE LOVE this re-purposing idea….wonder if my hubby will let me repurpose a few of his many books in collection?? 🙂 Question for you…how, pray tell, did you get those books to STAY on that wall??????? Inquiring minds want to know….
    See you at Bunco at Coleen’s????

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