31 Days Of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Making An Inexpensive Headboard


I’ve been waiting for this post. THE most special repurposed decorating project in my whole house. Made entirely by friends. I posted about this a few years ago when 4 friends surprised me by coming to visit for my 40th birthday. I mean s.u.r.p.r.i.s.e.d. me.  Let me share with you what they left behind as a remembrance.

There was a large wall behind the bed, and too much green. One of said friends had given me some old black shutters a few years prior, which I showed them in the garage. Casually mentioning that I wasn’t sure how, but envisioned them as part of a headboard one day. Those girls literally locked me out of the room one day, went to the store, were in and out. I heard power tools and paint rollers and prayed my husband would be as delighted as I was sure I would be…. whew, he was.

They created a beautiful, gorgeous, and surprisingly simple area. Let me show you the breakdown:

Measuring out the white area to serve as the “headboard”, they painted a large rectangle. Then they used a few wood mouldings, found in any hardware store to create the border. Thus, a frame.

To mount the shutters, simple pieces of wood were attached to the wall.

The shutters were then mounted to the wood bracket. Here is a view from the top:

This project does take a bit of time due to measurements and painting trim but what an impact! I was supremely stunned and overwhelmed with delight. Inexpensive and unique. That in itself is a project worth tackling, but sleeping under a project built with hands of love? Sweeter still.


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