31 Days Of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Antique Printer’s Drawer For Wall Display


Here is another drawer idea. How about for wall display? These types of drawers are popping up around antique stores for about $20+.  This was my splurge, if you will.

Loving words and history, this becomes meaningful before the compartments even hold a single item. These are heavy, find studs before attaching to walls. I had a few ideas, this could become a seasonal display of miniature things like shells or acorns. It could become a multi level shadow box, with dollhouse miniatures. For the ambitious, an oversized photo or poster could be cut and inserted into each space for a large mural.

Notice this detail:

What I really hope to do, that would make it truly special to me, is to find the type set pieces that might have originally occupied the spaces. To display the letters. I sigh with delight just imagining how it could be. So, empty it hangs. For now.

Join me next week, we are going to do some projects. Step by step. We’ll be recovering a lampshade, creating a chalkboard, and doing a large mixed media project.

As always, I encourage you to check out the vast array of subjects offered to you in this 31 series by over 1,000 bloggers. Here is the link, see you there. Thank you to The Nester for hosting this event!


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