31 Days Of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Creating A Framed Chalkboard


This week I’ll share a few projects, I hope you will try to join me. I promise I will make it simple.

Remember those frames and pictures I suggested buying at Goodwill? Do you have framed picture you don’t like anymore? Today is transition day!

I wanted to created a chalkboard that I could write new things on each week. I also didn’t want to spend any money. We had leftover chalkboard paint (buy a small can, you will find many uses) and a picture I had grown tired of. It was nice enough, but something I’d bought to fill a space several years ago from a garage sale.

Now, this might be hard for some people. We are going to seemingly destroy perfectly good stuff. Think of it this way, “Do I feel any sense of joy in an item?” If decorating includes purpose, then feel free to change things to suit THAT end goal. It is really okay, I promise.

Did you find something to start with? I took the print out of the frame and was pleasantly surprised to find that the print peeled off easily, leaving a hard surface below.

Did you find a picture? If not head over to a thrift store. I challenge you though to use something you have. Change is good.Get your paint and tomorrow we’ll finish the project. Let me know what YOU are working on…

In the meantime, go to The Nester and check out those other great 31 day participants.


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