31 Days Of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Chalkboard Cabinet Doors and Presents


Here we are, the last of the 31 days. Thank you so much for coming by and supporting me. I truly hope you will consider signing up for my blog and stick around. We writers love to know someone reads what we do.

I received this present yesterday and you will love it. It is simply a cabinet door, painted with chalkboard paint. You have purchased a small can by now? (wink, wink) There is a simple frame hook mounted on the backside. While there are many ideas for using this, I am choosing for now to leave it on my wall by my computer.  This is something to keep in the back of your creative mind, Christmas is coming and there are countless potential variations.

And now, the grand 31 day finale………… Decorating with the love of your children. My precious teens went on Pintrest and chose projects and cakes that appealed to me. One daughter surprised me and created this:

This is truly decorating with purpose. She took something I love, books, and created me a piece that I will always treasure.

My other sweetie remembered I had asked her to draw a caricature of us together. This too will adorn the walls in my creative space soon:

And when I came down yesterday on my birthday my family had decorated the table with purpose as well, using little wooden easels (a pack of 10 is about $5 at Michaels) to display fun family photos. Memories. A supreme gift. Happy Birthday to me? Precious everyday I’d say.

A special thank you to The Nester for hosting and creating this 31 Days concept


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  1. I cannot believe you actually came up with 31 ideas here, and that the month went by so quickly! I picked up a few ideas to tuck away and try; I’m sure others have done the same. Nicely done, little one!

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