Ideas To Support The Candidate You Didn’t Choose


I want to be quiet. To rest in it. The political noise has hurt my senses.

I don’t do political posts. That is not my niche’. I don’t claim to be vastly knowledgeable about either candidate. I will be honest, I definitely did not want Obama. I hoped someone who seemed to appreciate democracy and had a strong business background could strengthen this wonderful country. I shed tears with shock when Obama was re-elected. Then, I determined to get on with things and look ahead.

Let it not be said that I agree with anything Obama appears to represent. His character seems questionable to me, that is my personal impression. Let me clarify, that although my heart leans that way, I am always willing to be educated further. (Please save the nasty comments and emails, respectfully offered information, however, is gladly accepted).

I will not be one who is interested in further division in this country. I am sticking with a verse I heard last night, John 3:17 that impacted me in a fresh way. “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” I was fortunate to hear Chonda Pierce last night at a comedy concert. She took a serious turn when she offered insight into how the non-Christian world sadly views most Christians. And I knew, that I would work harder to make it clear that if Jesus is not here to condemn, let it be understood that I am not either. I am here to love. I love people of all faiths and backgrounds.

People we can have vastly different points of view. But, I ask you in all sincerity, where is the profit in slandering others? The public venom I see from Democrats, gloating angrily at Republicans? Perhaps there also is stories where the reverse is true.

I might not agree with you. You might disagree with me. There is no reason, none, that we can’t reach out and try to understand each other better. I hope you will join me in this pursuit. Please. Our country is great, full of wonderful people and ideas. Division won’t heal our rifts. Don’t gloat if you feel victorious. Don’t be bitter if you feel dejected. I am moving forward.  Love heals.

If you support Obama, please…do share here. Why? I don’t mean that you appreciate his health care or support of certain rights. Tell me about this man, what am I missing? I want to respect our President. Help me.
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  1. It’s interesting to hear your opinion, and you share so honestly and with such grace. I hope you appreciate my views are shared in love and grace too.

    What do I like about this man is his integrity. He clearly wants to help the people of America. He doesn’t make decisions because they are popular (the healthcare wasn’t despite it being one of the best and most important polices I’ve seen come out of the US for decades, and his economic policies are long-term, not short-term, with short-term pain.). He is media savvy, he has charisma, he has style – but it doesn’t mean he’s shallow or deceitful.

    Personally, I could never endorse a Republican anyhow. Their economic polices are all about making the rich richer, poor poorer, and squeezing the middle, and taking healthcare away from 32 million people. This is just my opinion, it’s not anything personal.

    I think Obama has displayed the values of Jesus in His policies more than any right wing President could in my opinion. Giving healthcare to people who can’t afford it is up there. Living in the UK where free healthcare for all is a given, it seems a disgrace that healthcare in the US before Obama was dependent on wealth.

    Obama isn’t perfect. Of course he isn’t. He has and will make mistakes. But I’d always vote for him. Believe me, he’s really popular over here – if he could run for office here, he’d win.

    I hope you know my views have all been shared in love and grace. Great to read your post.

  2. I agree with James. I like President Obama because he is a man of action. If he says he’ll do it he does if he can. He doesn’t lie, he says this is going to take time to fix and it will. Hard work is needed and it is. I don’t want to be told, Oh it’ll be all taken care of by next year. I want the truth, even if it’s not really what I want to hear. I like how he treats people, all of us. He’s a christian. I don’t think he has been a christian for long, yet he is now. He cares about people, not just the rich ones.

    I hope we all can work together to build our country back up. I love that President Obama said that he’d met with Mr. Romney to see how we can work together in solving the problems.

    I think your site is great. I like the way you wrote your story. Hope this helps.

  3. Hello, Christa! I’m visiting from your link at Lisa-Jo’s! All I can say is, Amen! I didn’t want Obama re-elected. My heart was heavy when I heard the news. I also agree about not being divided. The pride and gloating of the Dems and the demonizing of Obama by Republicans does no one any good. He is our president for the next 4 years and no complaining or name calling will change that! I hope that people will use this disappointment as motivation to pray and pray and pray some more for our nation. Thanks for being bold and sharing! I’ll be back 😉

  4. I enjoyed your post, Christa, and found yours and others comments respectful even when disagreeing. I appreciate that. Regarding Obama, he’s our President. I could never vote for him because of the issues he supports, and the ones he’s against. But I’m not against him personally, and as a Christian I am instructed to pray for him and others in leadership. I do think it is healthy to discuss issues, respectfully, and I don’t think that is “demonizing” anyone (not that you are saying it is) to talk about the issues, facts and a leader’s record when it comes to issues that are important to us.I also think it is very important for Christians (and others, too) to know what they believe and why, and not just float along with the culture. I’m praying for our country, our leaders (in all arenas) and for the children. God bless America, and America, Bless God.

  5. Hi Christa!
    I love your boldness and courage to write this! You rock. Seriously, I love how honest you are. And that you truly want to learn to respect the man that seems difficult to respect. I feel the same way. And I’m loving the comments here — because I also want to learn to respect the man God has allowed this power. Thanks for being so bold! Truly.

  6. Christa, this is really well done and very convicting. As a libertarian, I could never support the size the govt has grown to or 16 trillion dollars in debt, more than $58,000 for every man, woman in child. But there is a much larger view than the political, which is that God raises up and deposes kings for his own purposes. We get the leaders we deserve and the debauchery of our culture has brought us here. God will be glorified, and his kingdom will come, although not built by earthly hands. Wow, that sounded kind of churchy, but I mean it.

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