Advent Perspectives & Preparations


To honor my own sense of seeking a deeper connection with the Christ in Christmas, I have invited 4 talented writers to share how they experience the Advent.

Each Advent weekend a guest blogger will share from their hearts, and I hope you will welcome them by reflecting on their words. They represent different corners of the world, and a unique walks of life.  I think you will enjoy them…

Advent used to mean little me except for being part of a liturgical calendar in my Episcopalian upbringing.  As I grew in my own faith, the importance of stopping to ponder and prepare our hearts in celebration of Christ’s birth took on a new meaning. Not a denominational view, a personal longing.

Want to learn more? Our celebrations have been geared toward less focus on ourselves, and spending time teaching our kids to focus on what Christ is about. Not just 4 Sundays of preparation, or archaic church activities. Genuine time to slow down and turn off the outside noise.

May I suggest a few resources?

Any of these books by Arnold Ytreeide would be popular if you have children. We have used each one, more than once. Don’t underestimate older kids liking the read aloud time. The stories are well written, captivating, and historically based (which can be raw, might preview for your youngest). Delighted these came back into print. Each main character has an intersection in their life with the birth of Jesus. Check out your local retailer, you REALLY want to be prepared to start on time. The story runs each day of the month and can be hefty reading if you fall way behind.


Another popular one for families is by Lisa Whelchel. She does a relatable collection of explaining the “whys” in our celebrations.

For adults, I have enjoyed these books the last few years. The shelves are heavy with offerings. Do a quick review and make sure you choose one that people are moved by. This preparation of hearts is not shallow business.


And finally, an Advent candle.  I have had a variety of styles and invested in a permanent one that details what each color and week represents.

If you take time to invest in this pursuit, it will not return void. A blessed Advent season to you.

** I have no connection with the authors or publishers of these products, they are ones we’ve enjoyed and simply wish to pass along





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