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The Littlest Gifts




Shiny Brite



I am sucker for old things, retro items that made it through decades in one piece despite their fragility.

I love to wonder who used them. What the story is behind them. Of course, the story.

Chatting with my daughter today, I remarked it was odd a radio announcer was listing off things about the early 1970’s as if that was “that” old.

She looked at me, in the way that only a 17 year can muster, “Mom, that was like FORTY years ago.”


These ornaments remind me of a parallel. To my daughter I am becoming somewhat of a faded cardboard box. Sure, there are beautiful shiny things inside. But, they are still housed in something somewhat old.

The irony is that like these bulbs the memories become brighter, the story more interesting as the box ages. I am becoming retro. Imagine when I become vintage! Thankfully retro is the new hip. I wonder if my teens know that?

Mom, the cutting edge of modern

Use Those Tiny Photo Index Prints


Photos are returned to us with sheets of tiny shots, miniscule memories  we are unsure how to utilize.  Wanting to create a scrapbook layout about unexpected turns in life led to this idea. Cut out the ones that are most meaningful over a span of years, as far as you can gather up. Few dreams turned out as planned, but it turns out experience is a rich teacher.

This could be turned into a beautiful home wall art project. Try it, post what you come up with. I love sharing ideas with you…share with me how you use them.

My Manifesto, Inspired By Jeff Goins


Thanks Jeff, your work encourages me on a deep level. Here is my take:

I see you. You might feel invisible sometimes, but I see you. In fact, I am looking for you. My words are for you.
Days are busy and there are countless diversions, but my heart won’t let me forget that my purpose is in communicating. God is steadily shaping and molding me to share life with you.
I consider myself a truth teller. A seeker. A believer that we are all creative and can express ourselves most deeply through this gift. An encourager. An advocate for the underdog.
I cannot go through a day without observation. I notice things, odd things. Deep things.  Those observations swish around in my brain, connecting with other ideas and pictures, until the thoughts take shape.
The tips of my words sharpen, ready to cast off and reach their mark.
The mark is your heart. I am growing, changing and challenging myself to live abundantly each day. Life is an art form. You are invited to come along with me. I will share with you, life. One word at a time.

Choose Your Focus


What we see is not always accurate.

Our view can be obstructed by the physical. Our focus hindered by ideas and feelings.

It is easy to get caught up in seeing what is ahead of us. Forward motion and thinking are part of how we function.

We miss beauty when we live in perpetual motion.  The compositions of our surroundings.

Obstructed focus must be challenged, for the great things of life are not always the most obvious. We need to look a little harder, mine those hidden gems of living that give us pause.  Look up. May we never assume that the road in front of us holds the entire picture.

Training our eyes recognize the obstructions and refuse to accept them, that is the intersection of ordinary and superb. The daily grind and jaw dropping awesomeness.  We get to choose.

Choose the focus.