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Cinnabon Clone Recipe



Here they are. Homemade cinnamon rolls. Don’t they look easy and delicious?

I printed off the recipe from Allrecipes.com , click the link if you’d like to try them. I started just after 10 am, and finished just around 10 pm. They are delectable, and really easy. Just follow my instructions of what not to do:

Don’t start cinnamon rolls and get all the way to putting in the filling, and then realize you are out of cinnamon. It isn’t the same substituting every other fall spice you own. Trust me on this.

Don’t accidentally push the dough setting on the bread machine AND the bake setting, thereby having to dump the whole thing after it is in the machine for 4 hours.


-And above all, don’t put yourself in a position of having to go to Walmart on a snowy Saturday afternoon during the holiday season to get more cinnamon because you are too stubborn to let these rolls beat you.

Try the recipe, correctly. It is worth it!