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Ideas To Support The Candidate You Didn’t Choose


I want to be quiet. To rest in it. The political noise has hurt my senses.

I don’t do political posts. That is not my niche’. I don’t claim to be vastly knowledgeable about either candidate. I will be honest, I definitely did not want Obama. I hoped someone who seemed to appreciate democracy and had a strong business background could strengthen this wonderful country. I shed tears with shock when Obama was re-elected. Then, I determined to get on with things and look ahead.

Let it not be said that I agree with anything Obama appears to represent. His character seems questionable to me, that is my personal impression. Let me clarify, that although my heart leans that way, I am always willing to be educated further. (Please save the nasty comments and emails, respectfully offered information, however, is gladly accepted).

I will not be one who is interested in further division in this country. I am sticking with a verse I heard last night, John 3:17 that impacted me in a fresh way. “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” I was fortunate to hear Chonda Pierce last night at a comedy concert. She took a serious turn when she offered insight into how the non-Christian world sadly views most Christians. And I knew, that I would work harder to make it clear that if Jesus is not here to condemn, let it be understood that I am not either. I am here to love. I love people of all faiths and backgrounds.

People we can have vastly different points of view. But, I ask you in all sincerity, where is the profit in slandering others? The public venom I see from Democrats, gloating angrily at Republicans? Perhaps there also is stories where the reverse is true.

I might not agree with you. You might disagree with me. There is no reason, none, that we can’t reach out and try to understand each other better. I hope you will join me in this pursuit. Please. Our country is great, full of wonderful people and ideas. Division won’t heal our rifts. Don’t gloat if you feel victorious. Don’t be bitter if you feel dejected. I am moving forward.  Love heals.

If you support Obama, please…do share here. Why? I don’t mean that you appreciate his health care or support of certain rights. Tell me about this man, what am I missing? I want to respect our President. Help me.
Five Minute Friday


Five Minute Fridays- Go



When I think of this word, my automatic inclination borders on digging in my heels to STAY.   When I was young I wanted to go. And go. And go. The more I went, a funny thing happened. The desire for community and familial roots became stronger than that urge. As it turns out, this longing to Stay was counter to God’s directives to Go.

As we grew in our faith, the fine tuning made it impossible to doubt when God was calling us to pack up and go. Trust me here, none of this made sense otherwise. 6-7 moves within 6 short years. We certainly didn’t get the support we hoped for on earth. Most people thought we were nuts. And we felt nuts.

We chose to be obedient. There is no other way to peace, and when God calls you to Go, I heartily encourage you to follow the directive and do it. Even when the road is rough, and doubt creeps in. Even when fear paralyzes your heart and you see no way to make things work. Still I say Go.

I can’t begin to count how many unexpected surprises waited around those difficult corners. We still have to wonder why God said Go sometimes. Still fight the fear and doubt, for certainly the road hasn’t been easy. Yet, we see the clear hand of blessing. The kinds of people that surround us offer comfort and love. Our faith has been strengthened and our trust in His plan grows. It isn’t the easy way. But again, scripture doesn’t promise it will be. Perhaps the easy way would have led to less character moldability. Less trust in his leading. I don’t know. I have learned there is no benefit in dwelling there, it only leads to gloom.

If you hear Go, pack your bags and head out.

Isaiah 41:13 “For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right and says to you, Do not fear. I will help you”

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Five Minute Friday: Grasp


Five Minute Friday

The memories of their sweet voices are fading in my head. The sounds that used to make me insane sometimes are the same things that make me nod dreamily in remembrance.  The children I love so dearly are growing up. Two teenagers. Don’t get me wrong, I love each day with them now! But their childhood went so fast.

The days that were full of sticky kisses, chasing each other endlessly and collapsing into giggles, fort building and bedtime stories are done. I grasp to remember each detail, I dont want to forget anything. Of course I will, because each day is rich with new experiences.

I loved mothering my precious children. No one told me how desperately I would try to keep these last years from slipping away too quickly. Details now become sharper, in clear focus. I have said goodbye to past years with longing and don’t want to get so stuck there I miss the now. The here. The hugs of kids taller than me. The laughter of young adults capable of witty conversation and humor. The delight when they surprise me with service instead of requiring every moment devoted to them. The appreciation they have for my future dreams.

I want to grasp today and say goodbye to the past, gracefully. Thankfully.