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31 Days Of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Chalkboard Cabinet Doors and Presents


Here we are, the last of the 31 days. Thank you so much for coming by and supporting me. I truly hope you will consider signing up for my blog and stick around. We writers love to know someone reads what we do.

I received this present yesterday and you will love it. It is simply a cabinet door, painted with chalkboard paint. You have purchased a small can by now? (wink, wink) There is a simple frame hook mounted on the backside. While there are many ideas for using this, I am choosing for now to leave it on my wall by my computer.  This is something to keep in the back of your creative mind, Christmas is coming and there are countless potential variations.

And now, the grand 31 day finale………… Decorating with the love of your children. My precious teens went on Pintrest and chose projects and cakes that appealed to me. One daughter surprised me and created this:

This is truly decorating with purpose. She took something I love, books, and created me a piece that I will always treasure.

My other sweetie remembered I had asked her to draw a caricature of us together. This too will adorn the walls in my creative space soon:

And when I came down yesterday on my birthday my family had decorated the table with purpose as well, using little wooden easels (a pack of 10 is about $5 at Michaels) to display fun family photos. Memories. A supreme gift. Happy Birthday to me? Precious everyday I’d say.

A special thank you to The Nester for hosting and creating this 31 Days concept


31 Days Of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Kwagala Project


Today is my birthday. I am going to show you a special gift I received, and explain how this fits my theme for 31 Days.

It is a twist, going from decorating my home to adorning my temple.

My body is the housing for The Holy Spirit. I am decorating it with repurposed items, look….

These beads were made by hand from a rescued victim of sex traficking. Rescued.

She is repurposed into someone with hope. Using recylced paper to make beads that she can sell and help provide, that can help heal. The friend who gave me this necklace today, knew this was my favorite color. That I liked necklaces. More importantly, that the topic of  sexual slavery is near to my heart. When I decorate my body with this necklace, I will touch the beads, and treasure the knowledge that someone rolled up hope into each bead. From her hands to my heart. And someday, I pray, from my hands to her heart will the blessing return. You can find out more at   When I wear this necklace, I will celebrate. In her honor.

31 Days Of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Tutorial Mini Box Book


My friend Ebbie taught me about making mini “books” out of AOL boxes. Remember they used to come in the mail all the time with discs? See if you can’t rustle one up. I think any small box would do…

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31 Days Of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Creating Storage With Old Furniture


Taking an easy day here for the Sabbath. Think about using furniture in other ways than they were designed for. A key way to create storage in our homes is to use every nook thoughtfully. This piece, though designed for clothes, has become our hutch. It serves its purpose well, storing our table linens and china.  If things have drawers, nooks, cupboards and the like…they can be reused for storage. The bonus is the additional charm of having an older piece of furniture where people don’t expect it. In this case, our kitchen. What do you use for storage that is unexpected?


31 Days Of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Tutorial For Covering Old Lampshades


Lamps can go out of style yet still be functional. This one isn’t that bad, but after 10 years, it is drab.

It resides on our nightstand, and I wanted to create a softer look. There are lots of angles and I couldn’t afford to change out the whole lamp, so I bought a yard of fabric. This is soft, stretchy and flouncy. Perfect.

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31 Days Of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Picture Frames


Only a few more days left in the 31 days series, I hope you are enjoying it. It has been a lot of emails if you are a regular subscriber, thanks for hanging in there.

Today we are going to look at a way to reuse picture frames. I had several frames, in different colors. In an attempt to make them look unified, I painted them all white. The look was a bit stark, so I experimented with adding minimal amounts of contrast.

In the first photo set, a white frame is textured using basic acrylic craft paint and rubber stamps. Using a paint brush to apply a thin coat onto the stamp, I tried it out on the backside first. I didn’t want it to be too thick. Then random prints are made in varying pressures to have a casual feel.  (Not sure why the pics are uploading upside down and sideways. They aren’t that way on my computer! Sorry about that)

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31 Days Of Decorating With (Re) Purpose- Using Old Appliances For Storage


My friend, Julie, has offered us a peek into her home for a repurposed project that is truly original. I love this great idea for using old appliances. She shares more about it so that we can try it too~

This antique “icebox” is one of my most favorite items in my home. It was left behind in the garage of the first house my husband and I purchased. Needless to say, it was in awful shape! After a good clean up and a new paint job, it was ready to make its way into our kitchen, and it has been a conversation piece in our home ever since! It also serves the useful dual purpose of storing plastic bags for reuse/recycling and housing my cookbook collection. This piece really proves that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”!

Julie Campbell is one of over 1,000 writers blogging for the 31 Days challenge. Check out her site as she shares 31 Days Of Hope.